Modernize Special Offer & Deal Delivery with Mobile Wallet

With Mobile Wallet you can drive in-store visits, increase redemption rates, and incentivize customers beyond apps and text messaging.

Bring Consumers' Phones To Life

Mobile wallets provide a smart way for marketers to deliver content like offers, coupons, and more to their customers.

Pass Special Offers & Deals

Create and distribute special offers, deals and coupons to consumers via Mobile Wallet Pass

Geo Fence

Setup pre-defined offers and messages that delivery to consumers based on their location around a business

Push Notification

No App needed to blast push notifications to consumers when they are using a business's mobile wallet passes.

POS Integration

Add bar codes and QR codes with one click to any mobile wallet pass offer or deal so they can be redeemed on a POS

Real-Time Updates

Update passes and notify consumers in real-time of new deals, extended expiration dates and more.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Deliver mobile wallet passes to consumers through several channels including; text message, email, sharing and social media.

No App To Download

There is no App to download to use all the features of the Mobile Wallet Passes


Mobile Wallet Passes can easily be created in multiple languages for any country

Engagement Analytics

Businesses will have full insights into how effective their Mobile Wallet marketing campaigns are

Proximity Marketing With No App

Using Mobile Wallet Passes you can send exclusive offers to customers based on their location

Attract customers within a GEO targeted area

Simple Setup

Geofences may pack a technology punch, but it could not be easier to set them up for a business.

Leverage Locations

There is no better marketing than having the ability to market to a consumer when they are in the right location.

Push Notifications

Geofences use GPS to know when a consumer passes through the area and at that moment they will receive a push notification.

Deals & Offers

GeoFences work great for sending deals and specials to consumers within a specific location to bring them in to their business

Timely Marketing

Geofences give businesses the ability to market time and location based products, specials events and more.

Consumer Engagement

Geofences help keep consumers engaged with what is going on with products and services that businesses have to offer.

Proximity Marketing and Notifications With NO App

GPS Geo-Fence Notifications

Trigger notifications to consumers based on their locations. Offers, events and any messages that link back to the Mobile Wallet Pass.

Push & Real-Time Notifications

Static tickets, loyalty cards, and coupons are so over. Mobile versions are always up to date - and always at your customers’ fingertips

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